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For a limited time only, the international Kindle editions of The Novice’s Tale and The Servant’s Tale are on sale for an insanely low price! You can purchase them for just £0.77 (UK) or 0,89€ (French, German, Italian).

My understanding is that you don’t actually need to live in the UK, France, Germany, or Italy in order to purchase the books from those sites. However, since I don’t control the e-book rights for these titles in America or Canada, you can’t purchase them there. (I wish that wasn’t the case, but it’s out of my control.)

So if you’re a Joliffe fan who’s wondering what the fuss is — or if you know anyone who loves historical fiction or a good mystery — now’s a great time to make Dame Frevisse’s acquaintance.

– Margaret

4 Responses to “Sale on Kindle Editions for Novice’s Tale and Servant’s Tale!”

  1. Tom Laidlaw

    Hi there.

    I really love your books, but recently I saw “A play of Piety”in a large format for 14.99. I just wanted you to know I will not buy that book. I’ll get it from the library or used book store. Why do you and other author want to alienate your potential readers. I suppose it must be money. Well, you won’t get more of mine at those rates.

    Tom Laidlaw

  2. Margaret Frazer

    I’m with you — at that price I would get the book from the library, too. So long as the publisher controls the rights to a book, they get to decide the format — hence the change in size — and the price. Authors have nothing to do with it. As I slowly recover the rights to books the publisher has let go out of print, I’m getting them set up for e-sale and you can see I’m not charging close to what the publisher thinks he can get. I hope to eventually have print-on-demand editions, too, that should be more realistically priced.

  3. Yundah

    I tried to download the kindle version from the UK site (I live in the USA.) Alas, the site does discriminate! I was unable to do so. I have hard copies of both books so it isn’t a problem for me. I’ll go “live” rather than electronic and reread the series that way.
    Thanks, and thanks for your occasional educational moments (pronunciations, culture in the Middle Ages, and other tidbits.)

  4. Yukari

    I will not complain about the price of new Joliff series but have a word on its size; they’re too wide to fit in my bookshelf’s “Margaret Frazer Corner” where all Frevisse & Joliff stand. Perhaps in future I should get a Kindle, but…. Today found there’re more Frevisse stories, at least 1 DOMINA FREVISSE episode, but only for Kindle. woooo. I don’t know WHEN a Japanease reader could get this civilised tool. (Heard some ex-colleague got one in the US but it seemed they also need to BE in the US to download. )
    4 short stories may not be enought to make a book? Print-on-demand service may meet international demands, I imagine.

    I met Sister Frevisse first in Munich Airport. A friend and I were trapped there for 10 hours due to a sudden airline strike during transit. We don’t read any German so a small bookstand for American businessmen was only escape to kill time. Most titles were not for us; we’re not giving business presentation, nor didn’t want to lose any weight (at that time). That left a few thriller. My friend took Koonts or alike. I don’t fancy horror so kept circling the stand for something readable. There. “Novice’s Tale” with (new talented authour) label. I was deep in 15th century England when my friend kicked me to run for the long-hours-waited-plain-now-ready-to-up. I was still reading when we arrived at Frolence, and brought back the book deep in my suitcase to Tokyo. (I think my friend threw away the horror paperbag). I now think it’s a very Frevisse style encountor.

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