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Dive into one of the great mysteries of history: The strange death of Henry VI, King of England. Was it a conspiracy of murder? The grudge of an old rival? Suicide? The vengeance of the new king or his bloody brother? Uncover a truth deeper than fiction in this powerful image of living history.

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Only sometimes, when the rain was falling or the gray mist hung thick among the trees, did he remember...

... blue seas and a blue sky of a kind never seen in these cold northlands. And green, green marshes, and the thick smells of the delta marshes and black Nile mud, and Alexandria glowing white under a sun that baked to the bones. Alexandria. The name itself sang of legends -- Joseph and Moses and Pharoah; statues that sang at dawn; and pyramids said to be as big as mountains and maybe full of gold.

And there he had learned how legends looked when they were half-tumbled into ruins.

Join award-winning author Margaret Frazer in the sweltering deserts of medieval Egypt, where the swirling dust of history wraps man and god alike in a legacy of endless blood.

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Witchcraft has come to the peaceful village near St. Frideswide, and its foul touch is striking down those closest to the church. Can Dame Frevisse thwart the servants of the devil before the hellfire of hysteria sears the souls of the faithful? Or is there more to this magic than meets the eye?

The truth can only be found in the Witch's Tale.  

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The Simple Logic of It
The bright sun of the Wars of the Roses is painting the eastern sky with a false dawn and in London the politicians are whetting their blades to claim the blood of Richard, Duke of York. Can the young noble -- a true prince of the realm -- clear his name before the dark shadows of civil war settle over fair England's lands?

Margaret Frazer, the author of the Edgar-nominated and award-winning Sister Frevisse and Player Joliffe novels, weaves the hidden details of history into a taut thriller. A game of kings is being played, and the throne of England may be the prize!
The Midwife's Tale

"Sisters! Come back! Please don't leave us yet!"

Cisily Fisher has died in childbirth and now the village of Priors Byfield is held in a grip of fear. Can Dame Frevisse find the root of misery behind a murderer's sin before the next lethal blow falls? Or will the village be lost in a hue and cry of terror? The gentling touch of the midwife may calm the tortured soul... or give birth to a bitter death.

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Volo te Habere...

It had seemed so simple. Were Stephen and Catheryn married? They said yes. Their parents said no. But if they'd said their vows, then the vows were binding and there was nothing to be done. If they hadn't, then their parents could take matters into their own hands. Of course, people often failed to think through what they did or said. Words fell out of their mouths and they went happily along their way, supposing the words meant whatever they'd wanted to say (or to hear).

So once he knew the words, it would all be so simple to resolve.

But some things are never easy.

Ripped from the pages of the Edgar-nominated Sister Frevisse and Player Joliffe series, Margaret Frazer's Bishop Beaufort sees his holy court drenched with the tears and blood of a tale told in passion, sealed with murder, and spiced with the deadliest sin of all: Greed.

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This World's Eternity
A painless one. Not a trace of blood. There wasn’t even a body.

But it was a poison true as arsenic: The poison of the human heart.

Award-winning and nationally best-selling author Margaret Frazer plunges into the darkest depths of the 15th century in this stunning tale of kings and witchcraft, revealing the hidden hand behind the throne of England. Join Queen Margaret and the Duke of Gloucester as they gamble for the fate of kingdoms in a tale woven out of Shakespeare’s Henry VI. Souls are placed at the stake, but will any of them see the true danger lurking in their midst before it’s too late?
Shakespeare's Mousetrap
Young Will Shakespeare has a bit of a problem: Murder most foul. As in the best it is, award-winning author Margaret Frazer proves that the play’s the thing when crimes of passion are put center stage in an all-too-revealing production of Titus Andronicus. A murderer seeks to unlock the secrets of Shakespeare’s playhouse, but the actors won’t be the only ones to die once the blood-drenched spirits of the past walk the boards to find their revenge…
The Death of Kings


A golden world all turned to lead for a king who was once more golden than it all...

Join King Richard in his final days atop the rocky battlement of Castle Flint. All the realm has risen in rebellion against him, and there is little hope now of any salvation as the murderous armies of Henry Bolingbroke draw near.

But hidden in the sullen remnant of a royal king's court there is a deadly intent. When all the world has turned to death, can one man commit a crime so foul that none shall ever know of it?

Award-winning author Margaret Frazer visits the world of Shakespeare's Richard II. Come sit with her and hear the sad story of "The Death of Kings"...

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Stone-Worker's Tale - Margaret Frazer

When Frevisse is given bishop-pardoned leave to visit her cousin Alice at Ewelme, she is enchanted by the work of the sculptor Simon Maye. Charged with carving the angels upon Alice's tomb, Simon has been truly touched by God's gift - there was an otherworldiness to their stone features, an aliveness to the very feathers of their wings. He saw beauty that others could not, and brought it to life through his craft.
But Simon also saw the beauty of Elyn, one of Alice's ladies in waiting. Clandestine meetings have given way to sinful lust, and now the two lovers have disappeared. The servants whisper that the lovers have eloped, and secretly pine for the passion to do the same. Lady Alice believes her sculptor has been stolen away by jealous rivals and rages at the injustice. But Frevisse alone suspects there may be some darker truth behind the midnight vanishing...

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Also includes "The Sculptor's Tale", a rare "Lost Tale" of Dame Frevisse!
Winter Heart - Margaret Frazer
One man has been kidnapped. Another has been murdered.

In the bleakest depths of winter, Frevisse finds her soul chilled with the heavy burdens of duty and responsibility. Even the warmth of charity is in short supply as the villagers of Prior Byfield turn against each in bloody feuds of greed and rage, weaving knots of treachery which even the clever Frevisse may find hard to unwind.

Award-winning author Margaret Frazer gathers shadows around the hearth to tell a tale of frigid winter and icy passion. Join Frevisse in her fervent prayers for a true peace of mind and body as she pits all her forceful will against the most cunning of evils. Fear for the lives which may be destroyed in unlocking the secrets of the winter heart...


The Outlaw's Tale

Leaving the safety of her nunnery walls behind, Dame Frevisse is drawn into an unholy web of treachery and deceit. Waylaid on the King's Highway by a band of outlaws, Frevisse is shocked to discover that their leader is her long-lost cousin Nicholas. When he pleads with her to help him obtain a pardon for his crimes, she finds herself trapped between the harsh edicts of the law and the mercy of her vows.

But even as she struggles to restore his fortunes, Frevisse must fight to save his soul... and his life. Before the outlaw's tale can be told, the saintly nun will find herself locked in a manor house of murder, caught between the holy passions of the heart and the sinful greeds of man.
The Bishop's Tale - Margaret Frazer

To the guests at the mourning feast for Thomas Chaucer, the last words of Sir Clement Sharpe had been enough to damn him in the eyes of God. Detested by all who knew him, his final blasphemy had turned even God's anger against him and his death would be a lesson well-remembered. None among them would ever forget the sight of God striking down a sinning man, and each would keep in their heart the need to honor God's charity and love in all the hours of their lives.

But the crafty Dame Frevisse and cunning Bishop Beaufort suspect that there may be an all-too-mortal hand at work in Sir Clement's death. If their suspicions can be proved, then the only lesson to be learned is the bleakest secret of the blackest heart.

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Minnesota Book Award Nominee

"The setting for another tale of mystery, intrigue, jealousy and ambition, well drawn, well paced, and a pleasure to read." - Historical Novels Review

“Truly this is a winter’s tale, wintry in setting and in themes. The most powerful emotions are chilled and subdued: Cool authority, icy determination, cold despair – these are stronger than the widow’s stormy, self-pitying grief, the petulant anger of a pair of young lovers, the heat of a proud man’s anger, and the fiery rash which clutches and kills him.” – Jeanne M. Jacobson, Drood Review of Mystery
The Boy's Tale



A dark lady rides back into the life of Dame Frevisse, bearing with her two small boys haunted by the touch of death and scandal. Nine men lie dead on the road behind them, victims of the grim fate which relentlessly pursues them. Some seek to turn them away, but when they request sanctuary Frevisse is bound by her holy oaths to grant it.

But in welcoming them within the walls of St. Frideswide, has Dame Frevisse allowed death to stalk the nunnery's halls? When she begins to untangle the mystery of these strange guests, the truth she discovers may be enough to doom them all. Forced to keep secrets better left untold even from the nuns of her own order, Frevisse is caught in a crucible between faith and duty.

To learn the boy's name is to be drawn into a conspiracy of shame. To hear the boy's tale is to face death.

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