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Master Chronology of Frevisse and Joliffe Books

This Master Chronology shows the complete internal sequence of the Frevisse and Joliffe novels. Those interested in reading the series in historical order need look no further.

1431 SeptemberThe Novice's Tale
1432 Spring"The Witch's Tale" (short story)
1434 June"The Midwife's Tale" (short story)
1434 New Year'sThe Servant's Tale*
1434 MayThe Outlaw's Tale
1434 JuneA Play of Isaac
1434 September-OctoberA Play of Dux Moraud
1434 NovemberThe Bishop's Tale
1435 SpringA Play of Knaves
1435 AutumnA Play of Lords
1436 SummerThe Boy's Tale
1436 WinterA Play of Treachery
1436 AugustA Play of Piety
1437 SpringThe Murderer's Tale
1439 OctoberThe Prioress' Tale*
1439 NovemberThe Maiden's Tale
1440 JuneThe Reeve's Tale
1444 SpringThe Squire's Tale
1446 JanuaryThe Clerk's Tale
1447 FebruaryThe Bastard's Tale*
1448 SummerThe Hunter's Tale
1449 Spring-SummerThe Widow's Tale
1450 SummerThe Sempster's Tale
1450 Summer-AutumnThe Traitor's Tale*
1452 SpringThe Apostate's Tale
1454 January"Winter Heart" (novella)
1454 Summer"The Stone-Worker's Tale" (short story)

* – Joliffe’s appearances in Frevisse novels.

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